Why Choose Us

Complete Pharmaceuticals is an FDA 503B registered outsourcing facility that specializes in the manufacture of sterile and non-sterile prescription drugs. We offer high quality, custom or statutory formulations for hospital and clinical operations. Additionally, we can also provide contract manufacturing capabilities particularly for injectable using aseptic or terminal sterilization methodologies. Our clean room operations are certified to meet ISO 5 standards and installed lyophilization capabilities.

In a highly regulated and rapidly evolving compounding environment, we are dedicated to providing exceptional pharmaceutical outsourcing under good manufacturing practices. Operated by industry experts with over 25 years of experience we see to build strong relationships with pharmacies.

Management Team

Gregory G. Gaiser

Founder / Chief Operations Officer
25 years of sterile compounding experience and overall operational management.
Licensed pharmacist with multiple VP of operations positions in compounding procedures and equipment

Esan Forde

Director of Pharmacy Operations
Dr. Forde is a Clinical Pharmacist with Doctor of Pharmacy degree and Master’s degree in Clinical Physiology. Also licensed as a Consultant Pharmacist. Licensed to practice in Florida, California, Indiana, Tennessee, Hawaii & South Carolina.

Paul Reid

Corporate Biotech Advisor / Consultant
15+ years in drug development and research. Comprehensive understanding of ICH regulatory requirements to guide new products efficiently through regulatory pathways. Engaged with drug regulatory agencies in the US, Canada, EU, South America, South Africa, and Russia